Vinyl Flooring - Milford MA



Carl DeIeso, Jr., the owner of Car-Leo Floor Covering has over 35 years of experience serving the Milford area.

When you come to Car-Leo Floor Covering for carpeting, tiles, wood or vinyl flooring, you can expect that Carl will treat you like family - with excellent service, knowledgeable assistance and friendly counseling.  Most typically, Car-Leo has a minimum of a three to five week backlog of pending installations, so if you want something on an emergency basis, you can call ahead and ask about that, so as not to be disappointed. But for most customer situations, the best plan is come see Carl at the showroom and have a no-cost meeting to discuss your needs. When you meet with Carl, he'll explain all your options, give to some pricing examples and if you're ready, he'll make an appoitment to come measure your location. Most of the time this means Carl will come to your home, but Car-Leo does do both Residential and Commercial flooring, so if you need help for you office, just ask.

And keep in mind that as the owner, not only will Carl help you make a good buying decision but he's also in charge of doing all the installations. And that means when you come to Car-Leo Floor Covering, you can always expect to get top-notch installation results.